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Disclaimer: Our team is stakeholders in the tokens of the blockchain networks we cover like the XRPL and Flare Network. 

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The DeFi Standard is the official website of Mickey B Fresh! We are the resource hub for the broader cryptocurrency community on DeFi, Flare Network, Flare Finance, XRP, Ripple, etc. The internet of value is upon us. Be an early adopter and prepare yourself for the future of economics.

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All About Flare Finance Liquidity Pools

FlareX is the liquidity provisioning application of the Flare Finance ecosystem. It is a decentralized exchange making the use of automated market makers.

Flare Network – Spark Airdrop Governance Vote

Changes to the Spark Airdrop There has been a growing concern over the tax implications of the Flare Network's Spark airdrop distribution through the XRP community for certain jurisdictions (i.e. United States). The founding team has commissioned analysis on the...

Flare Network Wallet Updates

*** Disclaimer: This article is not financial advice. Anyone taking action on the below information is responsible for their own personal situation. This is just meant to be an aggregation of information to help individuals make the best decision for themselves in...

Kava X Flare Network – A Cautionary Tale

Kava 5 Upgrade Vote - Proposal #40  Decentralized finance is for the people to take back control of their financial well-beings; however, the people will actually have to participate in governance to ensure its place in society moving forward. Take for example,...

XRP Escrow Theories Run Wild

Alright folks while I personally love a good ole down the rabbit hole conspiracy theory - I am just seeing too many opinions about the XRP Escrow that would either make no earthly sense to me or would burn the XRP Ledger to the ground. With that being said, I can only...

FTSO Inflation Rewards Walkthrough

The most recent blog from Patty XRP of The DeFi Standard dives into the mathematics behind earning rewards through the FTSO.

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