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Disclaimer: Our team is stakeholders in the tokens of the blockchain networks we cover like the XRPL and Flare Network. 

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Flare Finance – What has happened?

Introduction Flare Finance is claimed to be a privately funded project building on the Songbird Network and Flare Network. Their media suggests that it is being built as “institutional-grade DeFi” including a coherent suite of products thought of to be DeFi primitives...

FlareLoans – Difference Between Liquidations & Redemptions

FlareLoans is a decentralized stablecoin issuance and loan platform currently running on the Songbird Network with future deployment on Flare Network post-launch. FlareLoans currently exists as an application within the ExFi v2 ecosystem launched as a real-world...

Songbird Network September Recap & October Look Ahead

The Songbird Network kicked off on 9/16/21 with a soft launch in a reversible "observation mode." XRP airdrop participants were able to receive their SGB on a couple different exchanges and all self-claim participants are able to access their SGB at this point....

XRP Airdrop Tree

***Last updates as of 8.20.2021***XRP Airdrops - Flare Network Eligible XRP holders will receive the Spark (FLR) airdrop from the Flare Network. Additionally, with the announcement of the Songbird Network, these same eligible XRP holders will be airdropped the...

All About Flare Finance Liquidity Pools

FlareX is the liquidity provisioning application of the Flare Finance ecosystem. It is a decentralized exchange making the use of automated market makers.

Flare Network – Spark Airdrop Governance Vote

Changes to the Spark Airdrop There has been a growing concern over the tax implications of the Flare Network's Spark airdrop distribution through the XRP community for certain jurisdictions (i.e. United States). The founding team has commissioned analysis on the...

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Digital ID + Crypto Wallets

Digital ID + Crypto Wallets

Welcome to the Mickey B Fresh voice note series! In this entry, Mickey touches on digital identity and multicurrency wallets plus how these components will fit in with Ripple, XRPL, and Flare. The voice notes come fresh out of Mickey’s own telegram group full of dedicated researchers and long time crypto community members.

***Some of the content is based off of speculation. All thoughts and information as of 2/11/21.

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Preliminary Ripple Response to the SEC Lawsuit

Ripple has issued their preliminary response to the SEC lawsuit on selling XRP as an investment contract. The filing also includes a FOIA request for SEC communications on the Bitcoin and Ethereum no action rulings. See below for links to the Ripple response and blog...

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