So Many Concepts!  So Many Terms!  And So Many Decisions!  Welcome to Crypto and welcome to DeFi.  We’re creating this part of The DeFi Standard especially to help you get introduced and started in the world of XRP and Flare Network ecosystem.  I personally took this project on, because I’m always on the lookout for the simplest explanations and examples.  Once you digest this content, I hope you’ll find it easier to start soaking up other content on The DeFi Standard, as well as across YouTube and the Web.  All the very best wishes in your crypto defi journey!   Lars

Grab a cup of coffee, dive in, and let us know if you find it helpful.  Suggestions for improvement are ALWAYS welcome.

Not Financial Advice

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New to DeFi - New to Crypto

Let’s begin. First in a series for those new to crypto and new to defi. Hosted by Lars. Casual conversation to help you get knowledge and gain comfort with the cryptocurrency world. It’s a fast changing landscape with lots of terms and concepts. Start here and join this special conversation.


Centralization and Decentralization matter in society. Decentralization is also a core purpose of cryptocurrency and blockchain. If you’re new to crypto, this video will help you understand why crypto exists, and the problems it is working to solve.

What's a Maxi? A Double Spend?

What is a Maxi? What is Double Spend. What does it mean to DYOR? Thanks for video comments and the chance to make this series a conversation.

The Big 3 Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP

In this video we look at three watershed approaches to blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. Bitcon, the grandaddy of cryptocurrency, proof of work and how it used decentralization to transact trustlessly. XRP solves consensus in a way that allows the xrp ledger to move transaction as quickly and efficiently as email. Ethereum uses the same Proof of Work consensus as Bitcoin and adds programmability to the blockchain with smart contracts. This has brought an explosion of applications being built on the Ethereum platform.

Corrections and Consciousness

Got some numbers wrong last time, especially how many BTC were paid for that famous pizza purchase back in 2010. Corrections here, but also the chance to reflect on what motivates me in this space, losing confidence in the old paradigms of fiat, debt, and centralized authority. Excitement about the possibilities of crypto. And for me, connections to my study of consciousness, quantum, and healing. A conversation.

Mass Adoption

The New To Defi series continues with a look at factors affecting Crypto Mass Adoption. We look at the uncertainties of events and timing and how they can affect our investment expectations. Not investment advice – just a wide angle look at the rapidly evolving crypto space.


Finally, a conversation about XRP and what it does. XRP is made to move value – lots of value. XRP is fast, just a few seconds to verify and complete a transaction. XRP is efficient, taking no more energy than sending an email. And XRP allows for many projects to be built on top of it – most famously Ripple, but also many others, including Coil, and Flare Networks.


I was going to dive right into Flare Network, but we need to talk about LIQUIDITY. It’s important on Flare. It’s important on XRP. And its a critically essential benefit that arises when these two platforms work together.

Flare Network - "ALL THE VALUE"

Flare Network is eyeing “All the VALUE.” Number 7 in our New to DeFi series. We start with a look at what problems FLARE proposes to solve. Store of Value. Cost of Transaction. Smart Contract Capability. Speed. Flare solves all of these and offers two major funtions. 1. Crypto Value can be brought to Flare and have all their shortcomings solved . Physical assets, once tokenized, can also be brought to Flare. 2. The second feature of Flare provides pricing for all the assets on the Network, via the Flare Times Series Oracle, the world’s first fully decentralized pricing oracle. Flare, if it succeeds in its propositions, will be ENORMOUS.

Flare - Those Fantastic F-Assets

Turn your XRP into the FAsset, FXRP. Why would you want to have FXRP? How would you make FXRP? What to do we know now and what are we still waiting to find out from Flare? And how do I get rewarded (in FLR) for minting FAssets? Here are the answers.

Flare - The FTSO (Flare Time Series Oracle)

The Beating Heart of Flare Network is PRICE DISCOVERY. It happens in the FTSO – the Flare Times Series Oracle. It’s fully decentralized, and it’s heavily rewarded (10% of Network Value per Year). Get a basic introduction to the FTSO and its value for Flare’s FAssets.

Flare Governance = Youpower!

Flare Governance is one of the three functions of the FLR Spark token, alongside of the FTSO Vote, and the Asset value of FLF. While Governance can sound boring, in this video learn the exciting and daring moves Flare Network has made in decentralizing governance and basing your vote on the concept of Liquid Democracy.

Flare is PacMan, Sun, and Ocean

In this video three different picture stories for looking at Flare Network. It’s like PacMan eating up the assets of the world. It’s like the sun, the new financial center of our solar system, with crypto and other assets in orbit around Flare. And it’s like the Ocean, bringing all assets to the ocean and giving them all the same utility.