Greetings and Welcome!  Mickey B Fresh put out his first YouTube video on January 20, titled:  “Unlocking Financial Energy – The Discussion Begins.”  That video made it very clear – the xrp community has been waiting for Mickey.  In just the first month, the Mickey B Fresh channel gained 15,000 subscribers.  Over in the Patreon Telegram group,  Dale dubbed it “The Learn to Earn” group, capturing Mickey’s commitment to sharing his research so we can use it to chart our crypto journeys. So here’s a “Listener’s Guide” to Mickey’s January and February.   YouTubes. Grab a cup of coffee, dive in, and let us know if you find it helpful.  Suggestions for improvement are ALWAYS welcome.

Mickey B Fresh

Mickey B Fresh

As we get started:

Mickey B Fresh, thankfully, has acknowledged that Flare is a challenging topic to wrap our heads around (not to mention Flare Finance and the XRP Ledger.)  So, before we get to Mickey’s videos I want to offer you a picture that I hold in my head.

Imagine that sometime in the future all the world’s value will be accounted for on blockchain, instead of being valued by the current World Reserve Currency, the US dollar.  And if you were going to get all this value on the blockchain, you’d want 3 things happening.

  1. You’d want a slick way to onboard this value (everything from securities such as stock to commodities such as gold and real estate.)
  2. You’d want a very accurate way of pricing all these assets compared each other.
  3. You’d want the ability to develop a vibrant ecosystem, a whole economy, to support and employ this value.

Enter Flare Network – a contender to accomplish this transition.
This is the big picture I carry as I listen to Mickey and keep trying to learn:

  1. You’d want a slick way to onboard this value (everything from securities such as stock to commodities such as gold and real estate.
    Flare Network’s F-Asset system currently allows other cryptocurrency to be minted onto Flare Network, where these assets gain smart contract capability and collateralization by Spark (FLR), the network’s native token.
  2. You’d want a very accurate way of pricing all these assets compared each other.
    Flare Network’s FTSO (Flare Time Series Oracle) system allows for fully decentralized pricing of assets.  It will be a contender for the most accurate price feeds in the world.
  3. You’d want the ability to develop a vibrant ecosystem, a whole economy, to support and employ this value.
    Every asset that comes onto Flare Network gains smart contract capability and trustless collateralization that references each asset to the other asset through the Spark (FLR) token.  The first application on Flare Network is Flare Finance a defi platform.  An unlimited set of new applications are possible as the ecosystem develops.

For me, this picture is all the motivation I need to prioritize understanding the XRP Ledger, Flare, and Flare Finance. I believe this is where we’re going, and I believe Flare Network is a strong contender for accomplishing this task.Historically, I feel we’re at the beginning of the California Gold Rush.  The mountains first filled with people in search of a goldmine.  Later came settlements, and then communities, and then generations of people who call the Sierra Mountains their home.  Historically speaking, it’s Gold Rush time.  Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the alt-coins have all found gold in the foothills of California.  Will Flare Network be the one to amass, organize, and create the new ecosystem for the world’s value?

Enjoy Mickey’s work,

Table of Contents

“Unlocking Financial Energy” – The Discussion Begins – January 20, 2021

Mickey’s FIRST VIDEO!!! An overview of how the Flare Network will “unlock” Trillions of dollars in dormant “Financial Energy” while simultaneously maximizing its utility and use cases.  Flare as a utility fork of the XRP Ledger.  Concept of Flare is to be a utility network for transferring value.  Bringing value onto Flare. Agents.  FAssets. Spark Tokens. Smart Contract Capabilities. Daily Rewards for minting FAssets. Trustless issuance of stablecoins from Flare to the XRP Ledger.  Utility. Minimal Risk. Flare Airdrop to xrp holders.  Earning yield with Spark (FLR).  Delegating signal provider vote.  Ten percent Network inflation is good for Spark holders and strengthens the Network. The Flywheel effect. Video includes a diagram of the Flare Network Rewards Pools.  WE ARE ALL CITIZENS of THE FLARE NETWORK – via our governance and FTSO votes.


Crypto Trifecta at OCC, CFTC, SEC. The stage is set!!! – January 21, 2021

We’re all on the edge of chairs, waiting for resolution of the SEC suit against Ripple.  And we’re in the time of waiting as the new Biden administration nominates financial regulatory officials.  Learn why the Biden nominees are potentially so positive for crypto in general and XRP specifically.

New OCC Head Michael S. Barr

New CFTC Head Chris Brummer

New SEC Head Gary Gensler

The stage is set for Crypto and DeFi adoption to explode in the US

The Battle Wages behind the scenes at the BIS – January 22, 2021 

CBDC’s- Atomic Settlement vs Multi-Currency Platforms.  

Are we going to recreate the old multi-platform complicated systems of transferring value?  Or are we going to use the atomic settlement possibilities being provided by the XRP Ledger?  It’s all being developed and tested right now behind the scenes.  Flare Network is set to unlock all the value.  XRP is an efficient system for transferring value.  Traditional value is coming onto the blockchain.

Spark (FLR) Token Deep Dive “Episode #2” – January 29, 2021

Deep Dive into Spark Token Utility, Demand, and Value

Why will Spark have a high value? What is the Utility?  Why will it be in high demand?  We look at the voting and delegation process for Spark.  Ten percent Network inflation will reward Spark vote delegation. Accurate pricing opens up many future applications on the Flare Network.  Minting FAssets and collateralizing the value with Spark (Flare/FLR).  Selling your FLR means you lose out on possibilities for yield.  Hundreds of applications coming, and we won’t have the high fees like on Ethereum.  The governance vote allows Spark holders to set inflation, fee, and other parameters.  Flare Network is organized as a liquid democracy.  Video includes a ‘rewards diagram.’

F-Asset(FXRP) Deep Dive   Episode#3 – January 30, 2021

Deep Dive into the utility of the F-Asset’s on Flare Network.  FAssets already announced – FXRP, FLTC, FDOGE.  FBTC coming!  More on the FTSO vote delegation.  Uses of FAssets.  1. Holders are rewarded at .2% daily of the FAssets reward pool (appx 20 billion FLR).  Litecoin will have its own 5 billion FLR rewards pool. Still awaiting new wallets for Flare Network that will simplify everything.  2. Major use case is using FAssets to mint trustless decentralized stablecoin back to the XRP Ledger.  3. Flare Finance will be a place where FAssets can also be used.  4. More applications coming ahead because of Flare Network spark contract capability. 

“XRP Escrow Discussion” Part 1 – February 1, 2021

A discussion about the 45 billion XRP locked in escrow. Part 1 of series.

The Flare Network rewards gives us an example of how the XRP escrow might be used – to incentivize the development of the network.  Past theories included 1. Burning the escrow.  2. Ripple keeping the escrow.  3. Turning escrow over to IMF or other entity.  Better scenario is the algorithmic distribution of the xrp escrow as “rewards” to incentive the growth of the XRP Ledger.  This is what Flare is doing with the excess supply of the 100 billion FLR tokens.  Keep your eyes open for how the fate of the xrp escrow unfolds.

“XRP backed Stablecoin” Episode #4 – February 2, 2021

The Holy Grail of Cryptocurrency – creating a trustless decentralized stablecoin with all the functionality of cryptocurrency assets.  Flare Network, with its FLR collateralization and its FTSO decentralized price discovery accomplishes this – the holy grail.  Includes excerpts from Flare Limited CEO Hugo Philion. We are moving from xrp hodlers to active utility,  both on the Flare Network and the xrp ledger. This stablecoin solves one of xrp ledger main goals, developing large stores of utility

“What is DeFi?” Episode #5 – February 3, 2021

What is DeFi, and what is CeFi? Defi are applications built on top of crypto protocols that allow for financial services.  Centralized finance like Nexo requires custody and control of your assets.  The six characteristics of DeFi – permissionless, decentralized, trustless, transparent, censorship resistand, and programmable.   DeFi has Interoperability, Programmability (smart contracts) and Composability (lego blocks).  Flare Finance is a DeFi application that will have its own microsystem, and its own tokens, built on top of Flare Network. Introduction of the six aspects of Flare Finance, including how FAssets and FLR can earn yield on Flare Finance.  Built for us – for retail!

“XRP is for retail users, too!”  – February 4, 2021

XRP is for both retail and institutional users.  No conflict of interest.  Flare Network is a good example of how this works – both for retail and institutional use.  Anyone can mint Fxrp.  XRP Ledger and Flare Network have a bridge. The addition of smart contracts on Flare increases the use and yield capabilities of xrp. DeFi on FlareFinance is all about retail. Flare Network governance is community governance – liquid democracy.  All FAssets, like FDoge and FLTC get same utility as Fxrp once it gets minted onto the Flare Network.  Time to shift our focus from HODL to Utility and Yield. Only the XRP community receives the FLR airdrop.

“Codius x Flare x Ripplenet Cloud” – February 5, 2021

Codius is an infrastructure provider option – such as a Flare Node. Codius is not dead. An open hosting protocol for Peer to peer hosting;  Decentralized Applications;  Smart Contracts.  Codius is top layer above XRP Ledger. Can hold various assets. Ripplenet just announced SOC2 certification. Connections between XRP Ledger, Codius, Ripplenet, and Flare Network. 

“Polysign Deep Dive” Part 1 – February 6, 2021

Polysign built for institutional grade use – the infrastructure to allow digital assets to be used by intitutions – custody – infrastructure for wallets – biometrics.  Includes a look at the backing and developers of Polysign. Polysign has been live for years – in stealth – many NDA’s.  A private authentication network.  Polysign applied for trust charter in NY State in 2019. PayID.  PayString. Identity.  Privacy.  Connections between xrp ledger and banks.

“FTSO- Flare Time Series Oracle” Episode #7 – February 7, 2021

Earning Passive Income with the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO)  CEO Hugo Philion calls it the “beating heart” of Flare Network.  Decentralized Accurate Pricing.  Important for the collateralizing of the FAssets.  Since its a consensus validation, not POW or POS, there’s no slashing.  That value can be used for rewarding a competitive fully decentralized marketplace of signal providers. Spark token has 2 detachable votes, plus it’s asset value.  One vote is rewarded for designating to signal providers.  Can additionally stake your spark to mint FAssets.  Act early for greatest benefit.  Utility, storage demand, and yield are the most important, no longer just Store of Value.  Flare is a DATA PROVISIONING NETWORK

“Scarcity vs Utility vs Yield” Episode #8 –  February 8, 2021

Scarcity.  Utility. Yield.  FAssets will give additional value to other tokens.  Bitcoin has focused on scarcity, but there’s more.  Utility and yield are important.  And also Storage Demand.   All of these values are present with FLR on the Flare Network. Inflation rewards create storage demand for FLR.  FAssets receive rewards from a rewards pool.  Other tokens minted as Fassets received completely transformed utility and yield.  Every FAsset will have the same functionality as every other FAsset – Fxrp, FDoge, FLTC.  XRP holders will be transformed from speculators to Flare Network users. Take heart – eventually the lightbulb of understanding will go off – wow!

“Trustline App” & FUSD  – February 10, 2021

Trustline App integrates on Flare Network and XRP Ledger.  A secure peer to peer credit network.  Uses FXRP and FUSD (the Flare stable coin that provides liquidity to the XRP ledger.) Credit is free with Trustline. Trustline is the beginning of more daps on the Flare Network, had to get the infrastructure built first for these apps to arise. More specific documentation to be released soon.

“Generational Wealth from Flare” Episode #9 – February 11, 2021

Generational Wealth via yield with Spark and FXRP. XRP holders will shift from speculators to platform participants and citizens of the Network.  Rewards Diagram included in Video.  You keep your asset while you designate your vote to the FTSO and earn inflation rewards of the network.  As you mint FAssets you have another means of earning rewards. FAssets can be used to create a trustless stable coin that can issue back to the XRP ledger.  Four different ways to earn yield on the two tokens,  FLR and FXRP.  Compounding builds Generational Wealth.  The flywheel effect is coming to the Flare Network.  The value of FLR is engineered to go up with use – a super-asset.

“XRP Escrow=Rewards Pool?” Part 2  – February 12, 2021

XRP escrow is held by the xrp ledger and released monthly to Ripple.  1 billion of the 45 billion total are released per month.  XRP escrow could be used perhaps as a decentralized treasury.  Escrow distribution could compare similarly with Flare Network  Flare Network rewards diagram included.  Escrow might be used to incentivize network behavior.  Makes more sense than Ripple selling the escrow or handing it over to IMF or similar. The value is in the protocol.

“Compounding Interest” Episode #10 – February 13, 2021

Compound Interest allows us to take interest and reinvest it with the principal sum to earn compounding yield. A detailed explanation of compounding interest on the Flare Network.  Diagram included.  Compounding on a daily or multiple times a week, beyond anything in traditional finance.  We can earn multiple asset rewards (xrp, LTC, Doge, XLM) at one time, by staking FLR for the minting of FAssets.  We can receive daily rewards for minting and holding FAssets.  As FLR gets locked up collateralizing FAssets, it will mechanically drive up the price of FLR.  We benefit with each new asset that gets announced (xrp, LTC, Doge, XLM).  Flare will be fully decentralized at launch.

“SEC in Turmoil”  XRP Escrow goes to Retail? –  February 14, 2021

What is going on with the SEC?  An update. Ripple holding out until it also gets the same non-security as the SEC gave to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Many use cases to be announced with the SEC case settles. Video includes three early days video clips of Ripple founder Chris Larsen, explaining multiple use cases, and how years ago they distributed XRP as incentives.  Speculation that current XRP escrow will also be used to incentive the function of the XRP ledger, perhaps for liquidity formation, perhaps for stablecoin formation, the Holy Grail of cryptocurrency.  Flare Network airdrop and reward incentives is a great example of what could be possible for the xrp escrow. XRP is made for everyone – BOTH retail and institutions. Many use cases to be announced with the SEC case settles. The value is in the protocol. On Flare Network, all FAssets will have the same “superpowers” of smart contracts and trustless collateralization.

“RippleX DeFi App Platform” & “SBI Crypto acquisition”  – February 15, 2021

New job descriptions show Ripple X priorities – New and existing products for Decentralized Finance applications.  XRP Ledger will have CBDCs, decentralized stablecoins, security tokens, lending, as well as DeFi functionality – will serve BOTH retail and institution, and will create one massive defi platform with Flare Network. The more use cases, the greater the liquidity. The job description documents tell the story. Japan’s SBI continues with cryptocurrency advancements, including forthcoming mergers and acquisitions.  Bitcoin and Ethereum are not viable as institutional platforms – XRP and Flare are suited to these use cases. 

“Flare Finance AIRDROP of $yFLR – February 15, 2021

Flare Finance is the upcoming new DeFi ecosystem built on TOP of Flare Network.  It is separate from Flare Network.  Has six functionalities. Flare Swap, Flare Wrap, Flare Farm, Flare Loans, Flare Mutual, and Flare Mine.  The three tokens are Yflr, Yfin, and Ymin.  Video includes airdrop process occuring one month after Flare Network launch (May, June), as well as receiving and swapping Dflr for Yflr.  Possible to buy additional Spark after Flare goes live and before Flare Finance takes their FLR snapshot for the airdrop.  Flare is building from the ground up – Flare Finance is the first application built on top of Flare Network – a robust, flexible, and powerful system incoming.

“Inflation mechanism on Flare” Episode #11 – February 16, 2021

How does the Flare Network inflation mechanism benefit you?  Inflation is a REWARD, for those who participate on the network.  Reward goes to those who delegate their Spark vote to the Signal Providers who give price feeds to the FTSO (Flare Time Series Oracle.)  Plus, at the same time, the FLR asset can generate additional yield by collateralizing FAssets or being used on Flare Finance. Video includes reward pool diagrams.

“Global Decentralized Stablecoin”  The Holy Grail of Crypto built on Flare Network and XRP Ledger – February 18, 2021

The Global Stablecoin that nobody is talking about is being built right in front of us on the Flare Network and XRP Ledger utilizing XRP value as collateral.  Part One of a series.  Diagram included explaining how FXRP becomes a collateralized debt position USF on Flare and USFX on XRP Ledger.  Uses FTSO for pricing, and USFX on the XRP Ledger is fully trustless, overcollateralized, and decentralized.  Will bring more liquidity to XRP Ledger.  Use cases for tokenized assets, securities, commodities, cbdcs, gaming, and more.  All the benefits of XRP,  and you get all the benefits of a stable coin unit account, the US dollar, operating on the XRP Ledger.  Smart Money. The Holy Grail.

“How high can the price of *Spark* go?  Episode #12 – February 19, 2021

Price Valuation deep dive of $FLR token on Flare Network and how it is engineered for a high valuation based on its use cases and utility. The staking of FLR to mint assets will lock up value and increase the price of FLR. Designating FLR votes to signal providers will also generate rewards. Possible because Flare Network does not use FLR value to secure the network.  Different from POW and POS. As new applications are built on Flare Network, more FLR will be needed – further increasing value. Video includes a Diagram and discussion on FLR and FAsset rewards.  

Impact on XRP after SEC settlement?   New SEC Chair Gensler Senate Confirmation scheduled March 2nd!  – February 22, 2021

XRP will no longer be kept under wraps after settlement with SEC. Freeing up massive potential for retail and enterprise adoption of new use cases and applications built on top of XRPL and Flare Network. We are switching from speculation to utility. XRP Ledger Decentralized Exchange will explode with increased activity on ledger and on Flare.  Not just for banks to use. DeFi coming to XRP with Flare and RippleX DeFi Platform under development for past 2 years. Now is the time to prepare and understand where the future is going.

“Beginning of a Decentralized Empire on Flare Network & XRP Ledger Decentralized On-Demand Liquidity – Feb 25, 2021

A walkthrough of the Flare Finance User Interface explaining the 3 DeFi products- FlareX, FlareWrap, and FlareFarm.  Learn what to expect from participating in Flare Finance Beta. Find out what “Decentralized On-Demand Liquidity” and how this revolutionary new technology bootstraps liquidity for users to swap seamlessly from one asset to another on Flare Network. Users can also provide liquidity to FlareX pools to earn consistent revenue from transaction fees. Learn how to YieldFarm yFIN and wrap ERC-20 tokens to bring over to Flare Network. What is the future of DeFi and why Flare and XRPL are the perfect foundation to support the ultimate foundation for institutional grade Applications to be built to attract mass adoption in the future.  This is the future and we are no longer just speculators but will be participants using these Dapps built on Flare and XRPL to earn passive income that will compound our wealth. All Spark owners are citizens of Flare Network, not speculators. 

*Breaking News* “Stellar XLM added to Flare Network”   Flare Network F-Assets= XRP, LTC, DOGE, XLM. – Feb 26, 2021

Stellar XLM just added as the 4th FAsset to join Flare Network before launch, along with FXRP, FLTC, and FDOGE.  Each asset gets the same ‘superpowers’ as every other asset, once they become FAssets.  All FAssets will be rewarded by the Flare rewards pool.  (Only XRP holders got the original airdrop)  Adding assets increases decentralization of Flare Network, out the gate.  New wallets and apps coming to make Flare easy to use while holding self-custody of your assets.

Central Banks testing CBDC’s on Private XRP Ledger.  What does it mean for XRP? – Feb 27, 2021

What do CBDC’s mean for xrp price? Will there be any negative effects?  A private ledger will have gateways (on and off ramps) to the xrp ledger.  XRP will still be the token used as the bridge asset.  Pilots have been going on for years.  Ripple expected to move forward aggressively with private ledgers and other products after SEC lawsuit.  Automated Market Maker may be added as an ‘object’ to xrp ledger in future.  Standard Custody and Polysign are in stealth, and in use, also probably awaiting SEC clarification before announcements.  Ways that Flare Network will add utility to the xrp ledger, and advantages over Ethereum.  The structure of Flare allows it to come out the gate as a fully decentralized Network.

“Crushing FUD about Flare Networks with Facts”  A detailed breakdown of concerns from the community! – March 1, 2021

Mickey answers questions from a UniSwap fan.  A fascinating description of how Flare works, directly compared to Uniswap and Ethereum.  Why is layer one important?  Why is the Flare FTSO critical?  What about Ethereum gas fees compared to transacting on Flare Network.  How FAssets on Flare add liquidity to the Network.  Sometimes contrast and compare is the best way to learn.  No hype – just the facts.

“A Catalyst for Change at the SEC”  Gary Gensler nomination hearing w/Senate Committee   XRP & Flare – March 2, 2021

A detailed breakdown of Senate committee hearing for SEC Chairman nominee, Gary Gensler, March 2nd, 2021. Gary Gensler is MIT Professor on Blockchain and Crypto, and is former Chairman of the CFTC during the Obama Administration.

New Hester Pierce Speech March 1st at “FinTech Panel at the Institute of International Bankers 2021 Annual Washington Conference”