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Mickey B Fresh is a longtime researcher in the XRP community. He has appeared on broadcasts with Brad Kimes of Digital Perspectives and Crypto Eri.  Mickey now hosts his own Youtube  channel called The DeFi Standard. Mickey is working in coordination with The DeFi Standard, so that we can provide the broader crypto community with the best resource for all things – XRP Ledger, Ripple, Flare Network, Flare Finance, and DeFi.

Mickey premiers daily news, deep dive, and instructional videos covering these topics on his Youtube channel. Additionally, he engages with the community via his Patreon Telegram group and through his personal Twitter account, @MrFreshTime.

Daily News Playlist

Follow Mickey B Fresh with the latest news surrounding the cryptosphere! These videos contain updates on new developments around the XRPL, Ripple, and Flare Network. Additionally, Mickey chimes in on the regulatory and legal space especially regarding XRP.

Flare Network Playlist

Deep dive into the ins and outs of the Flare Network! Mickey covers everything and anything regarding Flare from compounding yield to the intricacies of decentralized price feeds to the Flare Time Series Oracle.

XRP Escrow Series

Possibly one of Mickey B Fresh’s hottest takes! Tune into this ongoing series where Mickey B Fresh speculates on the future of the XRP Escrow utilizing facts and patterns from past and present. 

XRP Ecosystem Series

The XRPL is a long-standing and rapidly evolving decentralized ecosystem. Mickey covers all the parts that make the ecosystem one of the top in the blockchain space with videos on Polysign, RippleX, and much more.

Flare Finance Series

Mickey B Fresh dives into the future world of DeFi on the Flare Network with Flare Finance being the first project to launch. Check out this series of videos to freshen up your knowledge before it goes live.

Holy Grail Stablecoin Series

The Holy Grail stablecoin series has been a long time coming for Mickey as he started his Youtube appearances back in 2019 with the likes of Brad Kimes and SPQR Lee. Now with the advent of the Flare Network, the dream of a global decentralized stablecoin is on the horizon.

Mickey B Fresh Appearances

Mickey has been a mainstay in the XRP community for years now. Take a walk down memory lane with Mickey’s past appearances including all his old videos of Brad Kimes’s Digital Persepectives channel.


Mickey B Fresh and The DeFi Standard team appear in weekly livestreams to discuss topics from Flare, XRP, economics, and more in these group discussions.

New to DeFi Series

Mickey B Fresh and Lars breakdown the fundamentals of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized finance (DeFi) for those new to the space!


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