Our goal is to provide the crypto community with a hub of resources revolving around the coming explosion of decentralized finance. We pride ourselves on transparency and evidence-based speculation of what is to pass. In that light, the group behind this site are long term holders of XRP as we have been researching this digital asset and the firms involved with it for years. Additionally, the focus of the site will mainly be on the Flare Network and its corresponding ecosystem. This entails Ripple and XRP as Flare is stated as being a utility fork of the XRP Ledger. As the future of decentralized finance evolves, we may look to expand our coverage as needed. We are partnering with Mickey B Fresh, a highly regarded and long time member of the XRP community. Most of all we hope that our visitors will find us as a reputable source of information within this rapidly evolving ecosystem.


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~ The DeFi Standard Team